The Resourceful Patient

3: Skills and resources for resourceful patients

In essence, the task of the clinician, as outlined in the previous section, has not changed substantially in the 20th century, and will persist throughout the 21st century. In the former period, however, the clinician had all the resources - the patients simply had to be patient. The 21st century patient needs a number of resources: some are internal - skills and the confidence to use them - others have to be provided for resourceful patients to realise their potential.

3.1 Knowledge
3.2 Skills to appraise knowledge
3.3 Skills for consulting
3.4 Skills for decision-making
3.5 Skills for decision-taking
3.6 Resources - pathways and guidebooks for patient journeys
3.7 Resources for patients - coaching
3.8 Resources for patients - confidence and authority
3.9 Resources - Patient Owned Web Record (POWR)
3.10 Ethical issues in the promotion of the resourceful patient