The Resourceful Patient

Books from the book

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Balint, M., The Doctor, the Patient and his Illness

Beck, Ulrich, The Risk Society

Berne, E., Games People Play

Berne, E., What do you say after you say hello?

Chartier, R., The Order of Books

Farrell, J.G., The Siege of Krishnapur

Gray, J.A M., Evidence-based Healthcare

Greenhalgh, T., Hurwitz B., Narrative Based Medicine

Grisham, J., The Rainmaker

Groopman, J., Second Opinions: Stories of intuition and choice in the changing world of medicine

Halberstam, D., The Best and the Brightest

Irwig, J., Irwig, L., and Sweet, M., Smart Health Choices: how to make informed health decisions

James, P.D., The Black Tower

Johns, A., The Nature of the Book

Krause, E., The Death of the Guilds: The state capitation and the decline of the professions, 1930 to the present day

Murray, J.F., Intensive Care: a Doctor's Journal

Palmer, M., The Patient

Sackett D.L., Straus S.E., Richardson W.S., Rosenberg W. and Haynes R.B., Evidence-based Medicine - How to Practice and Teach EBM

Schama, S., Landscape and Memory

Shaw, G.B., The Doctor's Dilemma

Starr, P, The Social Transformation of American Medicine

Weatherall D.J., Ledingham J.G.G., and Warrell D.A. The Oxford Textbook of Medicine

Usherwood, T., Understanding the Consultation

Weil, A., Spontaneous Healing